Bonding Fasteners

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When embedded during the molding process a bonding fastener’s baseplate distributes loads over a broad area. Torque, sheer and tensile strengths can be far greater than other fastening options.

Available in a variety of materials, plating's aand coatings. Specification matching to meet specific performance, strength, or corrosion requirements.
Bonding Fasteners are often used with composite materials including fiberglass, fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), Carbon Fiber, thermoset, and thermoformed plastics among others. Industries and application examples include:
  •  Marine Industry- Used to mount insulation, panels, instrument clusters, windows, cabling, wiring, fluid lines and fixtures to fiberglass hulls or other composite paneling.
  • Transportation Industry- Bus, Rail car, automotive and trucks. Bonding fasteners are commonly used to mount interior wiring, panels, insulation, light fixtures, circuit boards and mechanical components. Exterior automotive, truck and bus applications include fluid tank mounts, fender flairs, side skirts or other ground effects, carbon fiber components, rear air diffusers, front air dams or splitters, hood or trunk mounts, or other body kits.
  • Solid Surface- Architectural cladding, granite under mount sinks, commercial sign mounts, concrete, and composite fixture mounting.
  • Energy- Wind turbines
  • Compression Molders- Honeycomb panels
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