Bonding Fasteners, Transportation Rotomolds, Custom Components, & More

At Rotaloc, we manufacture specialized fastening products designed to provide innovative solutions for customers in any industrial context. Rotaloc is committed to supplying our customers with the best fastening solutions for all applications, from marine bonding fasteners for recreational boats to consumer product custom components.

Custom Machined Components for Automotive Manufacturing

Rotaloc’s custom-manufactured bonding fasteners are used in the assembly of various automotive parts, including door panels, dashboards, trim, and more. Our bonding fasteners provide a secure and reliable bond between two surfaces without requiring traditional mechanical fasteners. Our CNC machining capabilities and other advanced processes allow us to create custom-machined components, including inserts, brackets, and other specialized parts for automotive applications.

Custom Bonding Fasteners, Clips, & Pins for Aerospace Manufacturing

Bonding fasteners are also widely used in the manufacturing process for aircraft devices. Bonding fasteners provide a lightweight and durable alternative to traditional fasteners and can withstand high stress and extreme temperatures. Our engineers work with our customers to design and develop custom-machined components for aircraft, including custom clips, pins, and more.

Custom Inserts for Electronic Components & PCBs

Rotaloc manufactures specialty fasteners and custom inserts for electronic components, including printed circuit boards and displays. Rotaloc’s bonding fasteners are also used in electronics, providing a secure bond resistant to vibration and thermal expansion.

Custom Brackets, Bushings, & Bonding Fasteners for Construction

Bonding fasteners are used in various components in constructing buildings, bridges, and other structures. Rotaloc’s custom-manufactured bonding fasteners and fastening products provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for attaching materials in traditional and non-traditional methods.

Plastic Molding Services & Custom Bonding Fasteners for Marine Applications

At Rotaloc, we offer several advanced plastic molding processes and manufacturing capabilities, including injection molding, blow molding, plastic extrusion, and thermoforming. These processes are utilized for many industries, including marine vessels and applications. We produce custom components for boats, kayaks, and other buoyant aquatic devices.

Custom PTFE Components & Specialty Fasteners for Medical Device Manufacturing

Bonding fasteners manufactured from medical-grade materials are used to assemble medical devices and equipment. They provide a clean, sterile bond that is resistant to chemical exposure and can be used in sensitive environments. We also offer custom PTFE shapes and extrusions that can be used for various applications, including medical devices.

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