PTFE Tube (Vent Tube)

Rotaloc is a leading manufacturer of PTFE Tube and PTFE Vent Tube. We have many common vent-tube sizes in stock at low prices made from virgin or re-processes (re. Thin and thick-walled tube is available with standard sizes produced in 5-foot (59.5”) lengths. Other custom sizes and lengths are available. Call or email for pricing. We offer free domestic shipping on orders over $250.00
  • Five-Foot Lengths
  •  Sizes up to 4.00” in Diameter
  •  Free Shipping with $250+ Orders
  PTFE is Ram Extruded and available up to 4.00” in diameter. See also PTFE Solid Rod, PTFE Sheet and PTFE – Custom. 

Steel wool is commonly used as a vent filter in the PTFE Vent Tube to manage airflow and prevent resin from escaping from molds during the molding process. 

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