Multi Bases & Multi Strips

Multibase Strips
In addition to our standard bonding fasteners and other inserts, we offer a wide variety of Multi-Bases, Multi Strips and Custom Adhesive Mount Plates. Multiple M1, F1 and/or F2 fittings attached to one of our Multi-Base styled plates. Embedded during the molding process or adhesively bonded into place, Multi-Base plates can be square, rectangular, rings or strips of any length. Multi-Bases and Multi-Strips increase strength, ensure precise spacing between fittings, reduce scrap, and improving ease of assembly.
  •  Mold-In or Bonded On
  •  Ensures Precise Spacing between Fittings
  •  Can Increase Part Strength
  •  Provide Ease of Assembly
  •  Reduce Scrap
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Rotaloc is adept at designing and producing Multi-Bases, Multi-Strips and Custom adhesive-mount plates to meet the specific requirements of any part. Contact Us to discuss your project.