Post Applied Inserts

Post Applied Inserts
Rotaloc produces many styles of post applied inserts. We can also design and customize to meet your precise requirements. Post-applied inserts are used in substrates such as wood, plastic, stone, solid surfaces, and composite materials. These inserts are designed to be press fit, ultrasonically welded, heat set or mechanically driven into place.  Common materials include brass, aluminum and multiple grades of stainless steel.  Rotaloc’s post-applied inserts are available in inch and metric threads.
Insert designs include:
  • Knurled  
  • Spiral Hex Drive Type D with Flange
  • Bulkhead Fittings
  • Inserts for Sonic Welding
  • Expansion Inserts

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In addition to threaded options, Rotaloc produces non-threaded post-applied inserts such as bushings and compression limiters. Request more information today on post applied inserts.