Processes and Capabilities

Rotaloc utilizes more than 25 unique manufacturing processes to produce custom components. Our manufacturing capabilities include machining, metal molding, and plastic molding. Many of the components we produce are multi-material parts that undergo multiple manufacturing processes. Our in-depth experience with these methods allows us to offer customers design and engineering services, providing innovative and customized components for any application.


Metal Machining

Machining is an intricate and precise process involving cutting materials to achieve a desired final shape and size, producing various parts, tools, and instruments. While metals are the primary focus of machining, a diverse range of raw materials can also undergo this process. Machine shops employ a variety of equipment and tools, including mills, lathes, and drill presses.

Machining Capabilities at Rotaloc

At Rotaloc, we employ several highly advanced industrial machining methods to produce components with tight tolerances. Our machining processes include:

Metal Molding, Forming & Processing

Metal molding, or metal casting, involves pouring molten metal into a mold cavity to obtain a desired shape. The molten metal is heated to its melting point and then poured into a mold, solidifying and forming to the mold cavity. The mold is removed once the metal has cooled and solidified, and the final metal casting is obtained.

Metal Molding, Forming, & Processing Capabilities at Rotaloc

We specialize in various metal molding and forming methods, creating custom and specialized parts for any application. Our metal molding and forming capabilities include:

Plastic Molding

Similar to metal molding, plastic molding is the process of shaping plastic by injecting molten plastic into a mold, forming it into a desired shape as it cools. This process, known as the cooling cycle, is controlled to ensure the plastic part's proper solidification and dimensional stability. The mold is opened once the plastic has solidified and the plastic part is ejected. The plastic molding process produces high-precision complex shapes and works with multiple plastic materials. Due to its efficiency, it is also used for high-volume runs of plastic products and components.

Plastic Molding Capabilities at Rotaloc

Rotaloc offers several precision plastic molding methods that produce custom plastic parts and components for any application. Using our plastic molding capabilities, we manufacture plastic parts for customers in a wide range of industries, including automotive components, medical devices, and more.

Design & Engineering Services

At Rotaloc, we work closely with our customers to produce custom parts for any application. Our part design and engineering process is thorough and detailed, ensuring you receive the best components for your requirements. Our in-house engineers collaborate closely with product designers throughout each project's lifecycle, from concept development to prototype creation and full-scale production.
We also specialize in evaluating existing projects. Our engineers meticulously examine parts and assemblies to identify potential opportunities for cost reduction. This process involves assessing design modifications, exploring alternative materials, and considering adjustments to the manufacturing process. We are dedicated to providing you with the best components for your application while streamlining production costs without compromising product quality or functionality.

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Contact Rotaloc for more information about Rotaloc's manufacturing capabilities. You can also request a quote for pricing estimates for your application. At Rotaloc, we design and manufacture innovative solutions for all applications. Choose Rotaloc to provide you with the custom metal and plastic components you need.