Machining is a manufacturing process used to produce a desired shape by removing unwanted material from feedstock or from partially completed goods. This process is usually associated with manufacturing steel, aluminum or other metal parts, but machining is also used for cutting and shaping plastics, nylons, wood or composite materials.

Machining can include the following:

Rotaloc machines thousands of parts every day in all shapes and sizes. Our large selection of machining capabilities helps our customers eliminate the need for expensive tooling when machining straight from raw material. Machining can also help produce complex part geometries that may be difficult to achieve with other manufacturing processes. We have extensive experience in machining brass, stainless and mild steel, aluminum as well as other common metals and materials. Our multi-layered operations allow us to accept order quantities of varying sizes, whether it is a few sample parts or a large batch for production, and produce them economically.

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Rotaloc uses CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines for many processes, taking advantage of an automated tool to create precise and identical parts of any quantity.  Contact Rotaloc for more information on CNC Turning and CNC Machining.