Sand Casting

The sand-casting process consists of making single-use mold cavities from sand, which molten metal is poured into to form a metal part. The part design is split into two parts, and each part is used to form a negative of the design in the sand mold cavity. The two halves of the mold cavity are formed with sand as well as a binding agent and packed tightly to prevent any gaps or pores. The top half, called the cope, usually needs a runner hole to pour metal into and a riser hole for air to escape. The bottom half, called the drag, and the cope are combined once they are dry and are ready for casting immediately. Sand Casting is one of the most flexible metal processes as part size and complexity can vary greatly and still be produced economically.

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Additionally, sand casting tooling cost is usually lower than for most other casting processes and usually has shorter lead times, contact Rotaloc for more information.