Investment Casting / Loss-Wax Casting

Investment casting, often also referred to as lost-wax casting, is a multi-step casting process that uses wax replicas to produce finished metal parts.  The part or multi-part pattern is created in wax (often by injection molding) and then dipped into a ceramic and stucco bath to form a hard shell around the wax. The wax and ceramic is then placed into an oven so that the wax melts out of the part, leaving only the outer shell with a mold cavity. Molten metal is poured into the shell cavity to form the part or parts, and once cool, are broken out of the shell. Often a cutting or finishing process is required to complete the parts.

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Investment casting can create very precise parts with smooth surfaces that require only a fraction of secondary machining, all advantages over traditional casting. Additionally, part geometries like undercuts that are difficult to create with casting molds can be produced via investment casting without parting lines. Contact Rotaloc for more inforamtion.