Stamping and Bending

Stamping is the process of cutting or reforming flat sheet metal using a stamping press that applies pressure directly into the sheet metal with a specialized tool and a die surface. The type of tool and die used depends on the type of shape is desired, and are usually referred to by the specific process performed, such as coining, blanking, punching, etc. Parts that require several of these operations are made in a progressive stamping die, where the operations occur one after another along a manufacturing line. Bending is a specific stamping process where the sheet metal parts are deformed to create a V or U shape or add channels into the part. Since metal parts will spring back in response to force, bending tools are precision made to over-bend parts so they spring back to the desired shape. Stamping and bending can recreate parts with unusual geometries at a fraction of the cost due to the low cost of sheet metal and lower cost of tooling compared to other metalworking methods.

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