Custom Rotomold Inserts

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Rotomolding inserts are custom components used in rotational molding processes to increase functionality in plastic molded parts. In plastic molding applications, rotomolding inserts are placed inside the molds before adding the plastic material, creating a secure insert point in the final product. With a wide range of insert styles, metal material options, and customization options, rotational molding inserts provide an innovative and convenient solution for enhancing functionality in plastic-molded components.

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Custom Metal Rotational Molding Inserts for Plastic Components

At Rotaloc, we design and produce a wider range of custom rotomolding inserts than any other manufacturer. We understand rotational molding and the factors that contribute to successful insert performance. Our in-house rotational molding machine is used exclusively for testing and improving insert performance. Many of our custom designs, such as the Geosert have become industry standards.

Features & Applications for Custom Rotomold Inserts

Our custom rotomold inserts are used in industrial applications that require innovative fastening and functionality solutions. With a wide range of rotational molding insert styles, we have custom solutions for any rotomolding application's requirements.

DEF Tank Inserts

DEF Tank Inserts (diesel emission fluid tanks) are used in fuel tanks, fresh and greywater RV tanks, agricultural storage tanks, and other plastic tank applications.

Insert Rings for Filters, Pumps, & Sending Units

Insert rings provide secure and effective sealing and attachment points in automotive and industrial applications. At Rotaloc, we manufacture premium insert rings for industrial-grade filters, pumps, sending units, and more.

Custom NPT, SAE, & BSP Inserts

Rotaloc manufactures and maintains an extensive inventory of custom NPT, SAE, and BSP Inserts available in various configurations, including Single Port, Double Port, 2 to 4-band, and offset fittings.

Geoserts for Rotational Molding

A Rotaloc original, Geoserts for rotational molding are versatile inserts available in zinc-plated mild steel and multiple grades of stainless steel. Developed and refined over 15 years, our Geoserts achieve maximum mold-ability and strength. Geoserts are molded into medical, industrial, and consumer products and are available in inch and metric threads.

Custom Bonding Fasteners

Custom Bonding Fasteners are specialized fasteners designed to be embedded into nearly any substrate, including plastic rotational molding applications. Our bonding fasteners are available in various styles, sizes, and materials, including 316 Stainless Steel and zinc coating options. We also offer specification matching to meet your unique performance, strength, and corrosion-resistance requirements.

Custom Square & Hex Inserts

Our custom square inserts and custom hex inserts offer versatile fastening solutions for a wide range of rotomolding applications. Available in single or double (Dumbbell) styles, our square and hex custom inserts have various material options, including aluminum, brass, and multiple grades of stainless steel. Metric and inch threading options are available.

Custom T-Serts

Rotaloc offers a range of custom T-serts in diverse materials and various plating choices. These T-Nuts can be embedded during the molding process or added post-molding. They are available with either 3 or 4 prongs.

Mold-In Bushings & Compression Limiters

Custom mold-in bushings, & compression limiters are unthreaded inserts used within plastic assemblies, specifically engineered to safeguard components against compressive forces. Rotaloc manufactures compression limiters from steel, brass, various stainless steel grades, and aluminum. Design options include knurling, flanges, and retention grooves. These customized compression limiters can be seamlessly integrated through press fitting, ultrasonic welding, heat staking, or molded-in techniques.

Why Choose Rotaloc for Your Custom Inserts?

At Rotaloc, we are committed to providing our customers with innovative, top-quality products and exceptional customer service. From mold-in inserts to general rotomolding supplies, we manufacture premium resources for both conventional and non-conventional applications. We offer direct-to-consumer packaging on our inserts, meaning we ship our products in ready-to-sell packages allowing you to sell to consumers immediately. Advantages of choosing Rotaloc for your custom rotomold inserts include:
  • Friendly, personalized customer service
  • Industry-leading manufacturing capabilities
  • An experienced engineering team able to produce specialized products that may not be available on the market
  • With premium material options and machining equipment, we ensure you receive the exact inserts required for your unique application

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Custom Rotational Molding Inserts

Questions about our custom rotomolding inserts? Contact us, and our staff will gladly help you find the best rotational molding inserts for your application. Request more information on our custom rotomold inserts.