Custom Compression Limiters, Sleeves, and Bushings

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Custom compression limiters and sleeves are non-threaded inserts. These limiters are generally used in plastic molded assemblies to protect a part from compressed loads. Rotaloc's custom compression limiters are made from steel, brass, multiple grades of stainless steel, and aluminum. Design features include knurling, flanges, and retention grooves. Custom Compression Limiters can be press fit, ultrasonically welded, heat-staked, or molded-in.

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Get Metal Compression Limiters & Bushings Customized for Your Application

At Rotaloc, we specialize in manufacturing custom components for even the most non-traditional applications. Our custom compression limiters, sleeve bearings, and other mold-in inserts are designed to provide reliable protection for parts in a wide range of plastic-molded assemblies and applications.

Styles of Custom Metal Sleeve Bearings & Compression Limiters

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create a wide range of metal bushings and compression limiter styles from premium materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and more. Style options include:
  • Mold-In: Mold-in compression limiters are designed to be embedded directly into plastic or composite components during the molding process.
  • Closed Seam: Closed seam limiters are one solid piece cylinder without openings or seams.
  • Split Seam: Split seam limiters have a distinct split that runs along the length of the cylinder, allowing them to be easily installed and removed
  • Flanged: The flange creates a larger bearing surface area, providing wider pressure distribution.
  • Knurled: The knurled design allows plastic to fill in during the manufacturing process, locking the insert in place.
  • Oval, Square, or Round: These metal compression limiters are manufactured for applications requiring an oval, square, or round shape.

Your Source for Custom Inserts & Speciality Fastening Products

When you order custom inserts and fasteners from Rotaloc, you can trust that you're getting premium products. We offer cost-effective custom solutions, providing perfectly specialized limiters, sleeves, and other fastening products for traditional and non-traditional applications. For resellers, we offer direct-to-consumer packaging options, allowing you to quickly sell to consumers. With fast order turnaround and nationwide shipping, Rotaloc is your source for custom compression limiters, sleeve bearings, and other fastening products.

Contact Us Today for Your Custom Metal Bushings & Compression Limiters

Need to order a specialized custom sleeve bearing or compression limiter for your application? Contact us, and we'll get started on providing the best compression limiters and sleeve bearings for you. For pricing estimates, request more information, and a Rotaloc engineer will provide pricing information for your custom compression limiters and sleeves. Rotaloc is your one-stop solution for custom limiters, sleeves, and other specialized fastening products.