Custom Inserts

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Custom inserts are specialized components designed to be incorporated into molds or other fabricated parts to increase functionality. At Rotaloc, we manufacture custom inserts for any application, including mold-in inserts, threaded and non-threaded inserts, post-applied inserts for molds, and more. Our custom inserts are made with premium materials, including stainless steel alloys, aluminum, and more. Click here to view the image gallery for our custom inserts.

Industry-Leading Custom Insert Molding Solutions

As an innovator in designing and developing custom inserts, we work with engineers, manufacturers, and designers to develop unique solutions for specific applications. Our manufacturing process for custom inserts is thorough and application-specific. We examine the properties of the substrate, the forces the insert will undergo, and other relevant factors, including exposure to chemicals, moisture, or other corrosive environments. Advantages of getting your custom inserts from Rotaloc include:
  • We create custom inserts specifically for your application's requirements
  • Cost-effective & innovative manufacturing solutions for custom inserts
  • Direct-to-consumer packaging options
  • Detailed manufacturing processes, ensuring you receive exactly what you need
  • Friendly, personalized service

We Manufacture Mold-In Inserts, Threaded Inserts, Post-Molded Inserts, & More

At Rotaloc, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create custom inserts in any style. We design and produce customized inserts for specific applications, including custom rotomold inserts, threaded and non-threaded inserts, and post-molded inserts. Styles of custom inserts we produce include:

Custom Inserts for Automotive, Marine, Medical, & More Industries

At Rotaloc, we provide customers in a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors with premium custom inserts. Our custom insert molding processes ensure reliable performance and innovative functionality for molding applications. Industries we supply with custom inserts include:
  • Aerospace Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment & Machinery
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Consumer Product Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Marine Vessels
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • And more

Contact Rotaloc Today for Premium Custom Inserts

Contact us today to see how we can develop and manufacture custom inserts for your specific application requirements. For pricing information, request a quote online. We also carry a wide selection of in-stock inserts. Rotaloc is your source for innovative custom insert molding solutions.