Custom Machined Components

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Rotaloc manufactures custom-machined components in medium to high volumes. We work with high-performance materials, including all steel & stainless steel grades, brass, titanium, aluminum, and plastics. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce extrusions, castings, CNC-machined parts, and other specialized components for unique applications. We also custom-machine components as a way to temporarily cover manufacturing needs while tooling is created for more economical production methods. Regardless of your component needs, Rotaloc can provide you with the best custom-machined components.

Industry-Leading Methods for Custom Machined Parts

At Rotaloc, we use the most advanced and intricate methods for producing high-quality machined parts. We manufacture custom components from a wide range of premium materials, including steel, stainless steel, brass, and more. We manufacture CNC-turned components, laser-cut parts, custom fastening products, and more, ensuring you get the best custom-machined parts for your unique application.

CNC Machining, Milling, & Turning

With state-of-the-art CNC machining capabilities, we manufacture intricate CNC-machined parts for even the most specialized applications. Our CNC machining capabilities include:
  • Multi-Axis/Multi-Spindle Machining: Our Multi-Axis/Multi-Spindle Machining CNC machine produces custom-machined parts with precision and speed. This CNC machine can perform complex machining operations on a workpiece from multiple angles.
  • CNC Turning: Lathe turning is a CNC machining process used to create cylindrical parts. A workpiece is secured and rotated, while a cutting tool, usually a single-point tool, removes material to achieve the desired shape.
  • Screw Machine Turning: Screw machine turning is another specialized form of CNC machining primarily used for high-volume production of small, complex, and precision parts, including fasteners and other similar components.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM is known for its exceptional precision. It can achieve extremely tight tolerances, making the components produced by our wire EDMs ideal for applications where high accuracy is essential. We use our wire EDM machines to produce custom-machined components with complex designs and tight tolerances.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a versatile manufacturing process used to create custom-machined parts from metals, plastics, and other materials. This technology employs a focused laser beam to cut or engrave intricate shapes, patterns, or designs into a workpiece.

Advantages of Getting Your Custom-Machined Components from Rotaloc

When you order custom-machined parts from Rotaloc, you can trust you'll receive premium products at an exceptional value. Our engineers are dedicated to crafting the best custom-machined components for any application. Advanced benefits and services we provide include:
  • We help you save on manufacturing costs: At Rotaloc, we specialize in creating custom-machined components for even the most unique applications. By partnering with Rotaloc, you don't have to worry about manufacturing your own custom components. We take care of it for you.
  • Components machined for your unique application: We can create custom-machined parts currently unavailable elsewhere.
  • Direct-to-consumer packaging: We eliminate the need for you to spend time packaging the products yourself. We can ship our products in ready-to-sell packages, allowing you to resell to consumers immediately.
  • At Rotaloc, we can also provide design assistance and engineering support for your application.

Contact Us to Learn How We can Supply Your Custom-Machined Parts

Contact us to learn how we can provide you with CNC-machined parts, custom fasteners, and other specialty components. For pricing estimates, request a quote online. You can also view our custom-machined components image gallery. Rotaloc is your source for custom-manufactured parts.